Electric sauna heaters

Rocher sauna heater

Rocher guarantees a wonderfully soft, drop-like steam and enjoyable sauna atmosphere with 100 kg of stones in the heater. Rocher's round, timeless and elegant design can be admired from every angle. The heater comes now with the new stylish control panels, Pure and Elite (included).

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Timeless design

A solid 100 kilos of sauna stones boost true sauna feeling

Full length elements heat the full length of the heater

Product specification
Size Installation Color Stones Accessories

Ø 425 mm

Floor standing Brushed steel

100 kg

Optional a glass or chrome steel collar for integrating the heater into the benches. 

Technical information 


Product code

Sauna Size (m^3)

Power (kW)

Stones (kg)

Size (mm)

Minimum distances (mm) side/front/behind/ceiling

Rocher 70 Pure 002735 5-9 6.8 100 H:1130, 

Ø 425

Rocher 70 Elite 002730 5-9 6.8 100 H:1130, 

Ø 425

Rocher 105 Pure 002736 9-15 10.5 100 H:1130, 

Ø 425

Rocher 105 Elite 002731 9-15 10.5 100 H:1130, 

Ø 425

Collar, etched glass,  Ø 610 mm  0038437          
Collar, chrome steel, Ø 600 mm 0038430