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Sense Elite sauna heater

Our newest addition to the Sense range of sauna heaters. It is fitted with a number of smart and patented features and makes a perfect choice for energy efficient sauna bathing. Elite control panel with Wifi connectivity for maximum advantage and comfort is included.

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Easy and convenient Wifi control panel with full overview.

Highly automated and scheduled use for maximum freedom and flexibility.

Split Output functionality. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached.


Elite control panel

A smart digital control panels that allows you to access all settings for your sauna via Wi-fi connectivity. Use your PC, tablet or smartphone to create schedules or user profiles. Our digital control panels always provide a complete overview on the status of your sauna and make sure that your individual sauna experience is perfect.

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Sauna for different tastes

Enjoy a hot and dry Scandinavian way of sauna bathing. Or lower the temperature a mild 45–65 °C and increase humidity to create a gentle sauna climate for the family. At a constant 100% humidity, and even lower temperature, you can let all the goodness of an immersive and slow steam bath envelope all your senses.

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